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French is taught to individuals at all levels, placing emphasis on the oral aspects of the language in order to aid progress in reading and writing. Grammar is learnt as an integral part of the listening, speaking, reading and writing within each lesson.

Each course begins with an initial taster lesson, test and discussion of your requirements. We then plan a course appropriate to your level and interests.

For more information on French lessons, please contact us.

Conversation Groups

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Conversation groups are oral "lessons" with emphasis on participation. Through a variety of activities facilitated by the teacher, students learn together and teach each other. After each conversation group, the students receive a summary of the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation learnt, which they then work on at home or in individual lessons. If you would like to join a French conversation group, please contact us.

Discussion Groups

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Discussion groups are advanced oral "lessons" based on a topical theme of relevance to French culture and society. Learners discuss their own opinions on current issues, or take on controversial roles in debates. After each discussion group, the learners receive a list of new vocabulary learnt, as well as a summary of grammar and pronunciation points to work on at home or in individual lessons. If you would like to join a French discussion group, please contact us.


If you would like a translation of any document from French to English, please contact us for more information or, for a quote, send an extract with your contact details, the document's total word-length and your deadline requirements.