“I’ve worked with Hannah for many years and have always been extremely happy with her proofreading, which I have recommended to many colleagues! Hannah probably knows my work better than anybody else. I’ve also hugely benefitted from the comments and explanations that go with her proofreading!”

Prof. Francisco Klauser, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland.

�Hannah's vivacious personality, patience and understanding of the students' needs makes her popular among the students she teaches.�

Sarah Worth. Centre Manager, EF Minehead 2002.

�Hannah taught me English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for several months, using videos, CD-ROMs, private lessons and discussion groups. I really liked the discussion groups, because I learnt lots of new words. What�s more, Hannah took the care to note the new words and e-mail them to me after each session. I gained a lot from Hannah�s lessons, and I haven�t forgotten the patience she showed me whenever I asked her a question.�

Flora Borinan. Secretary, A�roports De Paris.

�I attended English training with Hannah Juby from 2003 to 2004, through discussion sessions. I must say that all her efforts to get the students participating actively were not in vain. She knows how to ask very deep questions and get the students entering the discussion with great interest. She has a real ethical and philosophical approach, interesting and bright, whatever the subject is. That�s why so many of the airport employees followed her course.�

Laure Jehlen. Auditor, A�roports De Paris.